Sebastian Kaye

Artist & Consciousness explorer

Illustration | Diagramming | Electronics

Exploring philosophy of mind through diagrammatic displays of research and speculation through electronics, creating devices of perception, inspired by contemplative practices and Eastern philosophy.



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Bio Designer


Working as a designer on their Mycoinsulation Project. Growing new insulation material with mycelium. Developing a process and Exhibition.


Dover Arts Development & UCA

A variety of commissions for directing, shooting and editing short documentations of artistic projects and cultural networking events.


Bauhaus University

Masters in Fine Art (MFA)

Learn new skills in Java, Arduino, electronics. Designing and building devices of perception.
Completed an Internship in Bio-art as a Designer in Amsterdam’s Mediamatic.
Currently reading for starting the thesis.

University for the Creative Arts

BA Fine Art

Focused on Interactive Video installations for Eastern and Western philosophy of mind.


HCI UX Design Video editing Artistic concepts Digital Photograhy Image retouch Diagramming


Photoshop Adobe Premier Pro Arduino Interface design Beer Brewing Lab skills Mushroom cultivation