Peter Pani, The Last Assassin 2008

Peter Pani, The Last Assassin.

Edinburgh rooftop.

Peter Pani Stalks Her Prey (Juvenile delinquents) on a rooftop.

The Future is Unclear.


Peter Pani, The Last Assassin is a Film for the Future. Marta Patlewicz plays Peter Pani.

The Film is a new adaptation from the original story; as the title suggests.
Peter Pani has banished herself from Never-land. She has wandered through the wilderness, that of the physical plane and an internal one, trying to deal with the guilt and regret that has grown from a life that selfishly denied knowledge of family and what that IS.
This walking and wandering takes her to OUR world where she looks for a final resting place, but things don’t go to plan and she finds herself becoming a murderous vigilante, attempting to correct her wrongs. Strangling the Juvenile delinquents with her shadow and preying on them from rooftops.
It will be a surreal mix of scenes with a strong visual style that delivers something that will take Peter Pan out of HIS classical context and place HER in the centre of YOUR nightmares.


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