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Concept drawing of 'Death Desire and the Cosmos" – BA Degree show.

Art & Science Collaboration in the UCA Pop Up Gallery 2012

Diagram: The brain as an interface. Inspired by Lama Ole Nydahl and Pim Van Lommel

A negative rubber mould of a brain filled with resin.

Left Resin Hemisphere. Later Video was projected through it, to simulate the idea that we project the image of the world ourselves.

Resin Brian for projecting video through: An attempt to illustrate the brain as a transceiver of consciousness. Mind projecting images through the brain.

Portable Dream Machine project

First prototype for a Portable Dream machine. Finding a new use for Shutter (electronic) glass. First Arduino Project

Diagram of the relation between light frequencies , electrical brain activity and states of mind. Theory for how the glasses work.

Urban Space for Mind Project

Text projections (test) Weimar. 2014

Exaggerating the Emergent theory, which actually voices a commonly held belief.

Flip clock adapted.

Zen Ziet 2014. Interactive object. Speed reading combined with a Zen Koan.


Thoughts about the cleansing of perception in art and Buddhist meditation. Thesis topic perhaps.

Perspective diagram of an electronic circuit we built for the noisy bird cage project.

The eight Consciousnesses in Tibetan philosophy: 5 consciousnesses for the 5 bodily senses, 6th Mental which generates thoughts, 7th defiled Ego which identifies with those thoughts and is the underlying illusory perception that there is a separate entity – the ‘self’, and finally, the 8th Store or sub-conscious. At full realization the first 7 consciousnesses dissolve into the store- consciousness, and thus mind recognizes itself and is free from all dualism: Enlightenment.

articles and diagrams of interest. where does new media art, western science and eastern contemplative practices meet…

Prana/sol Project

PRANASOL: Umbrellas you breath – A Collective Bio-feedback Device.

Two umbrellas, two Breathing sensors. Two people breathing each Umbrella.

Final idea: stretchable fabric or latex connecting the two umbrellas to make a solid object-creature.

Sketch of a design for the mechanism required for one umbrella. Plus a 3D render in Blender.

Mechanism mounted on the first Pranasol.

Built the second mechanism and soldered the second circuit to a second proto-shield.

Pranasol perspective circuit diagram. One umbrella.

The Mind is like an umbrella. It functions best when open.

Interfacing for a 6th Sense: Experiencing a Global Consciousness


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