An interaction Between Sound, Image and Dance.
Isadora software, Electric Drums, a Midi interface, microphone and Video footage, curtsey of the artist. Breakdancer: Jarek Karpik.

This is a Test video, Filmed at the Kirk, UCA, Canterbury, 18th January 2011

Inspired by Anja Fusti, Alexander Nesic and Dancer Alexandra Mahnke, performance 2007 at Exploring Party.

The technological advances that have been made in the last two decades, such as Max MSP Jitter and the Isadora software, which allow real-time manipulation of image and sound by the dancers themselves, have the potential to give sound and image equal roles in audio visual music.
This performance is an interaction between image, sound and dance. One drummer playing live music while using the drum kits midi signal to play and manipulate footage of a dancer that was shot and edited in advance.
The drummer is visible next to the video projection so the audience can relate the drummer’s movements and sounds to the video dance performance on projection.
In this setting we have neither the audience nor a person on stage dancing to visual music, instead, it is the beat that triggers and conditions the visual.
The dancer is not on stage, he is seen as a projection, the dancer does not dance to the music, but the music makes him move. The beat and rhythm produced by the drummer literally takes control over the dancers movements, or in this case the film in which he is housed.


Interactive video performance